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Injection molding

Our production

In the injection molding department, our highly motivated team works in three shifts and produces over 200,000 plastic parts every day. Our 30 modern injection molding machines with clamping forces from 180 kN to 2,200 kN are all equipped with removal devices like multi-axis robots. This allows inserts to be supplied fully automatically or inline part inspections to be carried out directly on the machine. By consistently implementing the zero-defect strategy and practicing the CIP principle, our product and process quality reaches high levels.



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Various production technologies

2-component production with turntable technology

Automated parts inspection

8-cavity part removal with subsequent 100% inspection by laser 3D measurement

Flexible solutions for automation

Feeding of various inserts by camera-based pick and place

Vacuum casting of epoxy compound in ESD environment

Vacuum casting of electronic circuits with epoxy compound in an ESD-validated environment